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Galvawood core bits

Easy drilling to galvanized metal siding board!
Cutting through wood in thickness up to 130mm in single action.


  • Improved cutting performance to metal with our unique geometry of cutting teeth.
  • 2-steps teeth ensures smooth chip removal.
  • Safer cutting against nail embedded material.
  • Penetrates through various kinds of composite or layered materials.
  • Smooth and sefe drilling to metal siding using the guide bar.
  • Smoothly drills a hole in ALC. (including wet ALC material.)


  • Galvanized metal siding, wood, plywood, metal siding, ceramic siding (Not suitable for hard ceramic siding. Please use our Poly-Clic Hyperdia core bit for hard ceramic siding.)
  • Plastic gutter, vinyl chloride pipe, fiber reinforced plastic.
  • ALC (wet ALC), Japanese walls

Cutter size: o25mm to 310mm (o2-9/16" to 12-1/4")
Max. drilling depth: o45mm or less: 130mm(5-1/8") (Cutter length 150mm(5-7/8"))
o50mm to 220mm : 130mm(5-1/8") (Cutter length 157mm(6-11/64"))
o250mm or larger : 130mm(5-1/8") (Cutter length 165mm(6-1/2"))
Shank size: Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks.

Galvalume steel sheet is a registered trademark of Nippon Steel Corporation
and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Coated Sheet Corporation.

  • Use an electric drill with a safety clutch for your safety. (Try not to press the tool too much without engaging the clutch.)
  • Use the guide bar for Galvawood core bit when drilling in metal siding boards made of galvanized steel etc.
  • If the cutter gets stuck and stops while drilling in wood, remove the center drill from the shank and resume drilling.