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Company brief
Material Testing Center

In February 2017, Miyanaga Co., Ltd. Material Testing Center obtained ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory certifi cation from Japan Accreditation Board (JAB).

IS17025 _No.RTL04350
Testing RTL04350

ISO/IEC 17025 is an “international standard for the capabilities of laboratories and calibration laboratories” established in 1978. Acquiring laboratory accreditation proves that it is a laboratory that can produce accurate results with test methods that comply with national and international standards.


MIYANAGA Material Testing Center will provide internationally effective and reliable test results.

1. We hereby declare that MIYANAGA Material Testing Center complies with related laws and regulations and will ensure good professional practice and the quality of testing in servicing its customers.
2. MIYANAGA Material Testing Center provides its customers the tension test service as the third party which ensures neutrality, though it consists of the organization composed of employees in MIYANAGA CO., LTD.
3. MIYANAGA Material Testing Center recognizes that it is responsible for protecting the customer's confidential information and intellectual property and takes necessary measures.
4. MIYANAGA Material Testing Center, as accredited testing laboratory by JAB (Japan Accreditation Board), will establish and implement a management system and maintain compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.
5. All personnel at MIYANAGA Material Testing Center shall be familiar with the quality manual and relevant standards and carry out the testing service appropriate to its procedure and standards.
6. MIYANAGA Material Testing Center will implement the above 1 to 5 and continually improve the effectiveness of the management system through management review.
15th October 2019
Miyanaga Co., Ltd. Material Testing Center
Laboratory management, Toshihide Sakaguchi