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Company brief
Material Testing Center

Miyanaga engages in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of cutting tools for electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic powered tools, and machine tools, and fastening machines. In addition to our efforts in ensuring strict quality control, we will do our utmost to solve environmental challenges in order to deliver high quality products for the satisfaction of customers. We ask for your continued cooperation and understanding of our environmental activities.

Our action guidelines for environmental protection are as follows.

Approval No.:ISO14001-0066670
Approval No. : ISO14001-0066670

We recognize that the environmental problems are an important common issue for all humanity, and will actively work toward environmental protection and make a positive contribution to society.

We work toward improving the environment in accordance with the following environment policy.

1. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, requirements that we set forth, and other requirements that we have agreed upon, upgrade our working procedures, and continue the improvement of environmental management.
2. We implement a reduction of environmental impact by setting and achieving the following objectives and goals and will commit to continual improvement.

Our objectives and goals are:
1. to utilize our plants and production equipment effectively,
2. to use raw materials and energy efficiently,
3. to improve business management efficiency,
4. to train the employees, and
5. to prepare for emergency.

Environmental policy should be made known to all the employees and the persons who work for the company.

The environmental objective and target should be set in accordance with the Environmental policy, and the foundation for the implementation of the environmental management system should be consolidated with the participation of all the employees and the persons who work for the company. The environmental objective and target should be periodically reviewed.

Environmental policy must be documented and be made public if requested.

Revised: 8th Apr. 2010
President and Representative Director, Kiyoshi Miyanaga