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Deep-bore holesaws Size table

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Complete sets Cutters
  mm inch Part No.
(Straight shank sets)
Standard center drill
for sets
Part No.
14mm 35/64" PCF014 S6 PCF014C
15mm 19/32" PCF015 PCF015C
16mm 5/8" PCF016 PCF016C
  17mm 21/32" PCF017 PCF017C
18mm 45/64" PCF018 PCF018C
19mm 3/4" PCF019 PCF019C
20mm 25/32" PCF020 PCF020C
21mm 13/16" PCF021 PCF021C
22mm 7/8" PCF022 PCF022C
23mm 29/32" PCF023 PCF023C
24mm 15/16" PCF024 PCF024C
25mm 1" PCF025 PCF025C
  26mm 1-1/64" PCF026 PCF026C
27mm 1-1/16" PCF027 PCF027C
28mm 1-3/32" PCF028 PCF028C
  29mm 1-1/8" PCF029 PCF029C
30mm 1-3/16" PCF030 PCF030C
  31mm 1-7/32" PCF031 PCF031C
32mm 1-1/4" PCF032 PCF032C
33mm 1-9/32" PCF033 PCF033C
34mm 1-5/16" PCF034 PCF034C
35mm 1-3/8" PCF035 PCF035C
  36mm 1-13/32" PCF036 PCF036C
  37mm 1-7/16" PCF037 PCF037C
38mm 1-1/2" PCF038 PCF038C
  39mm 1-17/32" PCF039 PCF039C
40mm 1-9/16" PCF040 PCF040C
  41mm 1-39/64" PCF041 PCF041C
42mm 1-5/8" PCF042 PCF042C
  43mm 1-11/16" PCF043 PCF043C
  44mm 1-23/32" PCF044 PCF044C
  45mm 1-3/4" PCF045 PCF045C
  46mm 1-51/64" PCF046 PCF046C
  47mm 1-13/16" PCF047 PCF047C
  48mm 1-7/8" PCF048 PCF048C
  49mm 1-59/64" PCF049 PCF049C
50mm 2" PCF050 L PCF050C
  51mm 2-1/64" * Note 1 PCF051C
  52mm 2-3/64" PCF052C
  53mm 2-1/16" PCF053C
  54mm 2-7/64" PCF054C
  55mm 2-1/8" PCF055 PCF055C
  60mm 2-3/8" PCF060 PCF060C
  61mm 2-25/64" PCF061 PCF061C
  62mm 2-7/16" PCF062 PCF062C
  63mm 2-15/32" * Note 1 PCF063C
65mm 2-9/16" PCF065 PCF065C
70mm 2-3/4" PCF070 PCF070C
  75mm 2-7/8" PCF075 PCF075C
  76mm 3" * Note 1 PCF076C
  77mm 3-1/32" PCF077 PCF077C
  78mm 3-1/16" * Note 1 PCF078C
80mm 3-1/8" PCF080 PCF080C
  85mm 3-3/8" PCF085 PCF085C
90mm 3-1/2" PCF090 PCF090C
  95mm 3-3/4" PCF095 PCF095C
100mm 3-7/8" PCF100 PCF100C
  105mm 4-1/8" PCF105 PCF105C
  110mm 4-1/4" PCF110 PCF110C
  115mm 4-1/2" PCF115 PCF115C
  120mm 4-3/4" PCF120 PCF120C
* Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks and Dust prevention cap.
* The SDS set is not available. Order a cutter, SDS shank, and center drill separately.
* Note 1: The complete set is not available. Order a cutter, shank, and center drill separately.

Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks.

Center drills

Item Part No. Applications Diameter of center drill
Center drill S6 PCFCDS6 Cutter of o14mm to 49mm
(o35/64" to 1-59/64")
o 6mm (15/64")
Center drill S PCFCDS o 8mm (5/16")
Center drill L PCFCDL Cutter of o50mm to 120mm
(o2" to 4-3/4")
o 8mm (5/16")
Center drill SH PCFCDSH* Cutter of o14mm to 49mm
(o35/64" to 1-59/64")
(Thick plates)
o 8mm (5/16")
* Use these center drills together with the Deep-bore holesaws if the “thread length” of the standard center drill is insufficient for drilling in resins, plywood, or other work materials.