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Highlights Size table Combination list
The bit size (diameter) is based on MIYANAGA standard.
Bit size D Cutter Body Max.drilling depth
Body Max.drilling depth
  mm Part No. Part No. Part No.
  4.0mm DM040C DM04050B n/a
5.0mm DM050C DM05050B DM050B
  5.5mm DM055C
6.0mm DM060C DM06050B DM060B
6.5mm DM065C
  7.0mm DM070C
  8.0mm DM080C
8.5mm DM085C DM08550B DM085B
  9.0mm DM090C
  10.0mm DM100C
10.5mm DM105C DM10550B DM105B
  12.0mm DM120C
12.5mm DM125C DM12550B DM125B
14.5mm DM145C DM14550B DM145B
16.0mm DM160C n/a DM160B
  16.5mm DM165C DM165B
  18.0mm DM180C DM180B

Bit size D Cutter Body Max. drilling depth
mm Part No. Part No.
19.0mm DM190C DM190B 130mm
20.0mm DM200C DM200B
22.0mm DM220C DM220B 200mm
23.0mm DM230C DM230B
24.0mm DM240C DM240B

Shank Assembly
Item Part No. For use with
NO.1 DMSK1P For 4.0 - 12.5mm Shank size 6.5mm
NO.2 DMSK2P For 14.0 - 24.0mm Shank size 10mm