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Speedy drilling into concrete, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite, and marble with low noise and vibration.

  • Best for drilling holes in small diameters with low vibration and low noise.
  • Quickly drills into difficult-to-cut materials such as porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite,
    and marble.
  • Supplied water cools the diamond-tipped teeth, removes dust, and increases
    drilling efficiency.
  • The cutter can be individually replaced when the cutting teeth is worn out.

  • Earthquake-resistant reinforcement work, water-proofing work, building exterior repair work, and drilling pilot holes for installation of anchor bolts.
  • Concrete, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite, and marble.

Bit size: o4mm to 24mm
Overall length: See size table.
Shank size:
Recommended rotation speed: 1,500 to 15,000rpm
Double insulated electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)

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