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Metal borers 350 (Max. drilling depth: 35mm)

Cutter size D Part No.
miyanaga 14mm MB35014
  14.5mm MB350145
miyanaga 15mm MB35015
miyanaga 16mm MB35016
  17mm MB35017
  17.5mm MB350175
miyanaga 18mm MB35018
19mm MB35019
miyanaga 20mm MB35020
  21mm MB35021
  21.5mm MB350215
22mm MB35022
  22.5mm MB350225
  23mm MB35023
  23.5mm MB350235
24mm MB35024
  24.5mm MB350245
25mm MB35025
  25.5mm MB350255
26mm MB35026
  26.5mm MB350265
  27mm MB35027
  28mm MB35028
  29mm MB35029
  30mm MB35030
  31mm MB35031
  32mm MB35032
  33mm MB35033
  35mm MB35035
  36mm MB35036
* We will prepare quotations for the metal borer of the size other than the above according to the lot ordered.


Metal borers 500 (Max. drilling depth: 50mm)

Cutter size D Part No.
miyanaga 18mm MB50018
miyanaga 19mm MB50019
miyanaga 20mm MB50020
  21mm MB50021
  21.5mm MB500215
22mm MB50022
  22.5mm MB500225
23mm MB50023
  23.5mm MB500235
miynaga 24mm MB50024
miyanaga 24.5mm MB500245
miyanaga 25mm MB50025
  25.5mm MB500255
miyanaga 26mm MB50026
miyanaga 26.5mm MB500265
miyanaga 27mm MB50027
  27.5mm MB500275
miyanaga 28mm MB50028
  29mm MB50029
miyanaga 30mm MB50030
  31mm MB50031
miyanaga 32mm MB50032
  33mm MB50033
miyanaga 34mm MB50034
miyanaga 35mm MB50035
  36mm MB50036
  37mm MB50037
miyanaga 38mm MB50038
  39mm MB50039
miyanaga 40mm MB50040
  41mm MB50041
miyanaga 42mm MB50042
miyanaga 43mm MB50043
  44mm MB50044
miyanaga 45mm MB50045
  46mm MB50046
  47mm MB50047
  48mm MB50048
  49mm MB50049
miyanaga 50mm MB50050
  51mm MB50051
  52mm MB50052
  53mm MB50053
  54mm MB50054
  55mm MB50055
  56mm MB50056
  57mm MB50057
  58mm MB50058
  59mm MB50059
miyanaga 60mm MB50060
  61mm MB50061
  62mm MB50062
  63mm MB50063
  64mm MB50064
  65mm MB50065
  66mm MB50066
  67mm MB50067
  68mm MB50068
  70mm MB50070
  71mm MB50071
  72mm MB50072
  75mm MB50075
  77mm MB50077
  78mm MB50078
  80mm MB50080

Item Part No. Applications
Straight 13 MBSK13 Cutters of o14mm to 25mm
Straight 16 MBSK16 Cutters of o14mm to 36mm
* MB350 with a cutter size of 18mm or larger can attach to the MB500 shank assembly.

Item Part No. Applications
MT-2 MBSK2 Cutters of o18mm to 35mm
MT-3 MBSK3 Cutters of o18mm to 80mm
* Oiler and vinyl chloride hose are included as standard.


Item Remark
Vinyl chloride hose o4mm x o6mm x 450mm L