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Ideal for drilling in difficult-to-machine materials, such as reinforced concrete and Hume pipes.


  • Cutters can be changed with a single action without any tools.
  • Excellent cutting performance has realized cutting of reinforcing bars even in the rotary-only mode.
  • The internal water supply system provides more efficient cooling of the cutting teeth and removal of dust.


  • Piping work for air conditioners, water-, gas-, and electrical systems, etc.
  • Reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, asphalt, etc.
  • Ceramic tiles, marbles, stone, Hume pipes, and ceramic pipes.


Cutter size: o25mm to 220mm (o1" to 8-11/16")
Max. drilling depth: : Standard size: 150mm (5-7/8") (Cutter length: 180mm (7"))
Long size: 220mm (8-11/16") (Cutter length: 250mm (9-7/8"))
Shank size: Click here for the size table of the Wetmond shanks.
Applicable electric drill: Double insulated electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)

  • Always supply water when making a hole.
  • When water is used, make sure to take measures to prevent electric shock. We recommend wearing rubber gloves.