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Hyperdia core bits (Dry type) Size table

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Complete sets Cutters
  mm inch Part No.
(Straight shank sets)
Part No.
(SDS shank sets)
Part No.
25mm 1" PCHP025 PCHP025R PCHPD025C
29mm 1-1/8" PCHP029 PCHP029R PCHPD029C
32mm 1-1/4" PCHP032 PCHP032R PCHPD032C
35mm 1-3/8" PCHP035 PCHP035R PCHPD035C
38mm 1-1/2" PCHP038 PCHP038R PCHPD038C
45mm 1-3/4" PCHP045 PCHP045R PCHPD045C
50mm 2" PCHP050 PCHP050R PCHPD050C
55mm 2-1/8" PCHP055 PCHP055R PCHPD055C
60mm 2-3/8" PCHP060 PCHP060R PCHPD060C
65mm 2-9/16" PCHP065 PCHP065R PCHPD065C
70mm 2-3/4" PCHP070 PCHP070R PCHPD070C
75mm 2-7/8" PCHP075 PCHP075R PCHPD075C
80mm 3-1/8" PCHP080 PCHP080R PCHPD080C
  85mm 3-3/8" PCHP085 PCHP085R PCHPD085C
90mm 3-1/2" PCHP090 PCHP090R PCHPD090C
  95mm 3-3/4" PCHP095 PCHP095R PCHPD095C
100mm 3-7/8" PCHP100 PCHP100R PCHPD100C
105mm 4-1/8" PCHP105 PCHP105R PCHPD105C
110mm 4-1/4" PCHP110 PCHP110R PCHPD110C
  115mm 4-1/2" PCHP115 PCHP115R PCHPD115C
120mm 4-3/4" PCHP120 PCHP120R PCHPD120C
  125mm 4-15/16" PCHP125 PCHP125R PCHPD125C
  130mm 5-1/8" PCHP130 PCHP130R PCHPD130C
  140mm 5-1/2" PCHP140 PCHP140R PCHPD140C
  150mm 5-7/8" PCHP150 PCHP150R PCHPD150C
  155mm 6" PCHP155 PCHP155R PCHPD155C
160mm 6-5/16" PCHP160 PCHP160R PCHPD160C
  165mm 6-1/2" PCHP165 PCHP165R PCHPD165C
  170mm 6-11/16" PCHP170 PCHP170R PCHPD170C
  200mm 7-7/8" PCHP200 PCHP200R PCHPD200C
  210mm 8-1/4" PCHP210 PCHP210R PCHPD210C
  220mm 8-11/16" PCHP220 PCHP220R PCHPD220C
  250mm 9-7/8" * Note * Note PCHPD250C
  260mm 10-1/4" PCHPD260C
  300mm 11-13/16" PCHPD300C
  310mm 12-1/4" PCHPD310C
* Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks, Dust extraction shanks and Dust prevention cap.
* Note: The products with a cutter size of 250mm (9-7/8") or larger are delivered as a package of the cutter, shank, and center drill (center pin). (Use a carbide center drill for use in ALC.)

Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks.

Center pins / Center drill

Item Part No. Applications
Center pin for Hyperdia core bits PCHPCP3 Standard accessory (For cutters of o25mm to 310mm (o1" to 12-1/4"))
Carbide center drill PCHWCD225 ALC, plaster and lath walls, PVC pipes, FRPM pipes, etc.
Center pin for Hyperdia core bits (Lightweight steel beams for ceiling) PCHPCPK Lightweight steel beams for ceiling.