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ALC core bits Size table

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Max. drilling depth: 130mm(5-1/8")
Cutter size D Complete sets Cutters
  mm inch Part No.
(Straight shank sets)
Part No.
(SDS shank sets)
Part No.
  22mm 7/8" PCALC22 PCALC22R PCALC22C
  25mm 1" PCALC25 PCALC25R PCALC25C
29mm 1-1/8" PCALC29 PCALC29R PCALC29C
32mm 1-1/4" PCALC32 PCALC32R PCALC32C
35mm 1-3/8" PCALC35 PCALC35R PCALC35C
38mm 1-1/2" PCALC38 PCALC38R PCALC38C
45mm 1-3/4" PCALC45 PCALC45R PCALC45C
  55mm 2-1/8" PCALC55 PCALC55R PCALC55C
60mm 2-3/8" PCALC60 PCALC60R PCALC60C
65mm 2-9/16" PCALC65 PCALC65R PCALC65C
70mm 2-3/4" PCALC70 PCALC70R PCALC70C
75mm 2-7/8" PCALC75 PCALC75R PCALC75C
80mm 3-1/8" PCALC80 PCALC80R PCALC80C
  85mm 3-3/8" PCALC85 PCALC85R PCALC85C
90mm 3-1/2" PCALC90 PCALC90R PCALC90C
95mm 3-3/4" PCALC95 PCALC95R PCALC95C
100mm 3-7/8" PCALC100 PCALC100R PCALC100C
  105mm 4-1/8" PCALC105 PCALC105R PCALC105C
110mm 4-1/4" PCALC110 PCALC110R PCALC110C
  115mm 4-1/2" PCALC115 PCALC115R PCALC115C
120mm 4-3/4" PCALC120 PCALC120R PCALC120C
  125mm 4-15/16" PCALC125 PCALC125R PCALC125C
130mm 5-1/8" PCALC130 PCALC130R PCALC130C
  140mm 5-1/2" PCALC140 PCALC140R PCALC140C
150mm 5-7/8" PCALC150 PCALC150R PCALC150C
  155mm 6" PCALC155 PCALC155R PCALC155C
160mm 6-5/16" PCALC160 PCALC160R PCALC160C
  165mm 6-1/2" PCALC165 PCALC165R PCALC165C
  170mm 6-11/16" PCALC170 PCALC170R PCALC170C
  180mm 7" PCALC180 PCALC180R PCALC180C
  200mm 7-7/8" PCALC200 PCALC200R PCALC200C
  210mm 8-1/4" PCALC210 PCALC210R PCALC210C
  220mm 8-11/16" PCALC220 PCALC220R PCALC220C
  250mm 9-7/8" - - PCALC250C
  260mm 10-1/4" - - PCALC260C
  300mm 11-13/16" - - PCALC300C
  310mm 12-1/4" - - PCALC310C
* Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks, Dust extraction shanks and Dust prevention cap.
* Use 250mm and above cutters with PCSKXR or PCSKXMXK(not use L shank)
* Use 250mm and above cutters contain the guide bar.

Size table (Long size)

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Max. drilling depth: 150mm (5-7/8")
Cutter size D Part No.
mm inch
32mm 1-1/4" PCALC32150C
35mm 1-3/8" PCALC35150C
38mm 1-1/2" PCALC38150C
50mm 2" PCALC50150C
60mm 2-3/8" PCALC60150C
65mm 2-9/16" PCALC65150C
70mm 2-3/4" PCALC70150C
75mm 2-7/8" PCALC75150C
80mm 3-1/8" PCALC80150C
90mm 3-1/2" PCALC90150C
100mm 3-7/8" PCALC100150C
110mm 4-1/4" PCALC110150C
120mm 4-3/4" PCALC120150C
130mm 5-1/8" PCALC130150C
160mm 6-5/16" PCALC160150C

Click here for the size table of the Poly-Clic shanks.

Center drill

Item Part No. Applications
Center drill PCHWCD250 Cutters of o22mm to 310mm
(o7/8" to 12-1/4")