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IT bind method(Dry Type) IT Carbide Drills/IT Diamond Straight Bodies/IT Drills

The solution is Miyanaga's IT Bind Method using only dry and rotary drilling.

  • The shank with a built-in pulse generator can make a hole efficiently.
  • Dry drilling eliminates the need for cleaning water and dirt after the work.
  • Low noise and low vibration, making it possible to work anytime, anywhere.
  • The IT carbide drill or the IT diamond drill straight body can be used to achieve the most efficient drilling performance to suit each size.
  • The IT diamond straight body is composed of the cutter and the body screwed together, when the blade edge wears out, only the cutter needs to be replaced, saving you money.
  • Minimal chipping at the exit point of drilling.

  • Concrete, mortar, and ceramic siding boards.
  • Earthquake-resistant reinforcement work, water-proofing work, building exterior repair work.
  • For use in hospitals, schools, any place where noises are not allowed, or night works.

Bit size: IT carbide drill: o3.5mm to 11.0mm (o9/64" to 27/64")
IT diamond straight body: o8.5mm to 18.0mm (o21/64" to 45/64")
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth:
Applicable electric drill: Portable electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)
    IT carbide drill
      Rotary drills
(approx. 1000 rpm ? e.g. Hitachi Koki V-19 etc.)
    IT diamond straight body
      High speed rotary drills
(3000 ? 5000 rpm ? e.g. Hitachi Koki DV20VB,
Kudo Koki KD5000, etc.)

  • The stopper bar may suddenly start rotating at the startup of electric drills and that could lead to danger such as pinched fingers. Start an electric drill while pressing the stopper bar on the handle of the electric drill. (Do not use an electric drill to which the stopper bar is not attachable.)
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