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Quick-change cutter type!
High-speed and high-precision drilling is possible with a minimal force.


  • The cutter can be changed with a single action.
  • Highly-improved carbide tip is used for the cutting teeth.
  • The center pin realizes accurate hole starting without bit walk.
  • Circumferential cutting limits cutting areas, thus allowing large-bore cutting with electric drills of small horsepower.


  • Steel plates, shape steel plates, stainless steel plates, cast iron plates, etc. of up to 35mm thickness.
  • Ideal for drilling work for shipbuilding, bridge, frame, steel-frame building, etc.


Cutter size: o12mm to 40mm
Max. drilling depth: 35mm
Number of tips: Cutters of o12mm to 13mm --- 4pcs.
Cutters of o14mm to 39mm --- 6pcs.
Cutter of o40mm --- 8pcs.
Tip width: Cutter of o 12mm --- 3.0mm
Cutter of o 13mm --- 3.1mm
Cutter of o 14mm --- 3.2mm
Cutter of o 14.5mm --- 3.4mm
Cutter of o 15mm --- 3.7mm
Cutters of o 16mm or larger --- 3.9mm
Applicable electric drill: Magnetic drill presses
(Separately sold shanks are necessary for attaching to magnetic drill presses, upright drilling machines, radial drilling machines, lathes, and milling machines.)

* Click here for the guideline for cutting conditions of Metal borers.