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METAL-BORER 350A (Max. drilling depth 35mm)

Cutter size D Part No.
14mm MB350A14
14.5mm MB350A145
15mm MB350A15
16mm MB350A16
17mm MB350A17
17.5mm MB350A175
18mm MB350A18
19mm MB350A19
20mm MB350A20
21mm MB350A21
21.5mm MB350A215
22mm MB350A22
22.5mm MB350A225
23mm MB350A23
23.5mm MB350A235
24mm MB350A24
24.5mm MB350A245
25mm MB350A25
25.5mm MB350A255
26mm MB350A26
26.5mm MB350A265
27mm MB350A27
28mm MB350A28
29mm MB350A29
30mm MB350A30
31mm MB350A31
32mm MB350A32
33mm MB350A33
34mm MB350A34
35mm MB350A35
36mm MB350A36
37mm MB350A37
38mm MB350A38
39mm MB350A39
40mm MB350A40


METAL-BORER 500A (Max. drilling depth 50mm)

Cutter size D Part No.
18mm MB500A18
19mm MB500A19
20mm MB500A20
21mm MB500A21
21.5mm MB500A215
22mm MB500A22
22.5mm MB500A225
23mm MB500A23
23.5mm MB500A235
24mm MB500A24
24.5mm MB500A245
25mm MB500A25
25.5mm MB500A255
26mm MB500A26
26.5mm MB500A265
27mm MB500A27
28mm MB500A28
29mm MB500A29
30mm MB500A30
31mm MB500A31
32mm MB500A32
33mm MB500A33
34mm MB500A34
35mm MB500A35
36mm MB500A36
37mm MB500A37
38mm MB500A38
39mm MB500A39
40mm MB500A40
41mm MB500A41
42mm MB500A42
43mm MB500A43
44mm MB500A44
45mm MB500A45
46mm MB500A46
47mm MB500A47
48mm MB500A48
49mm MB500A49
50mm MB500A50
51mm MB500A51
52mm MB500A52
53mm MB500A53
54mm MB500A54
55mm MB500A55
56mm MB500A56
57mm MB500A57
58mm MB500A58
59mm MB500A59
60mm MB500A60
61mm MB500A61
62mm MB500A62
63mm MB500A63
64mm MB500A64
65mm MB500A65

Item Part No. Applications
MT-2A MBSK2A Cutters of 14mm to 35mm
MT-3A MBSK3A Cutters of 14mm to 65mm
* Optional center pin (Part No. MB35ACP1) is needed to use cutters of o14mm to 17mm.

Part No. Applications Diameter Overall length
MB35ACP1 MB350A o14mm to 17mm o 7.1mm 91mm L
MB35ACP2 MB350A o17.5mm to 40mm o 8.0mm 93mm L
MB50ACP MB500A o18mm to 65mm o 8.0mm 115mm L