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The carbide tips with excellent wear- and heat-resistance realize high-speed drilling and also ensure drilling in thick steel plates with ease. Furthermore, unevenly spaced carbide tips prevent chattering caused by resonance action during cutting, firmly grab the work materials, and cut a hole efficiently.

The center pin has eliminated the necessity for drilling a pilot hole to ensure accurate hole starting. The inner spring acts to push out the cut core and thus achieves smooth ejection.

Since the Metal borer is so designed that the cutter can be separated from the shank, cutters of different sizes can be fitted into the same shank.

Adopting the internal oiling system in which cutting oil is fed from inside the cutter, the Metal borer offers high efficiency of oiling and even longer life of the cutting bits.

While every conventional twist drill cuts the whole area of a drilling spot, the Metal borer only cuts the perimeter of a drilling spot in the form of a ring. Therefore, it requires low horsepower and thrust, thus achieving energy-saving cutting. Besides, in order to prevent the efficiency of cutting from lowering due to the jamming with dust, the Deltagon Metal borer uses three-part split bits and other Metal borers use two-part split bits, which achieves smooth removal of dust and efficient cutting.