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"Drilling holes in difficult-to-machine materials, e.g. steel, stainless steel and porcelain enamel steel, with high cost efficiency and high accuracy." Miyanaga's technical solution to this difficult challenge is Holesaw 278. It is applicable to drilling in steel plates, stainless steel plates, porcelain enamel steel plates, FRP plates, acrylic plates, etc. of up to 4mm (5/32") thickness, and offers outstanding durability thanks to our proven carbide tips. In addition, the introduction of diamond cutting teeth has achieved faster and higher-accuracy drilling in difficult-to-machine materials.

The carbide tips having an excellent cutting ability and wear resistance realize surprisingly high-speed hole cutting performance. In addition, remarkable heat resistance of the carbide tip makes the dry drilling possible. Furthermore, unevenly spaced carbide tips prevent chattering caused by resonance action during cutting, firmly grab the work materials, and cut a hole efficiently.

Unlike the twist drill, which cuts the whole surface area of a hole, the cylindrical body of the holesaw 278, which cuts only the circumference of the hole, can cut a large diameter hole with minimum power, and the finished hole is close to a perfect roundness with smooth appearance as shown in the photo.

The ultimate geometry of the cutting teeth developed for preventing stalling and/or recoil even in case of excessive cutter binding. This safety design always allows smooth cutting with constant cutting depth for a wide range of work materials.