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The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Cutters
  mm inch Part No.
20mm 25/32" DLC20C
21mm 13/16" DLC21C
22mm 7/8" DLC22C
25mm 1" DLC25C
27mm 1-1/16" DLC27C
28mm 1-3/32" DLC28C
30mm 1-3/16" DLC30C
32mm 1-1/4" DLC32C
33mm 1-9/32" DLC33C
35mm 1-3/8" DLC35C
38mm 1-1/2" DLC38C
  40mm 1-9/16" DLC40C
  42mm 1-5/8" DLC42C
  45mm 1-3/4" DLC45C
  48mm 1-7/8" DLC48C
  50mm 2" DLC50C
  60mm 2-3/8" DLC60C
  65mm 2-9/16" DLC65C
*** Use 40mm and above cutters with DLCSK (straight shank) or DLCSKR (SDS-plus shank),
NOT use with DLSKJDE


Item Part No.
DL core center drill DLCD


Item Part No. Remarks
6.35mm (1/4")
Hex shank
DLCSKJDE DIN3126,ISO1173 Style E6.3
* Up to o38mm
Straight shank DLCSK 10mm
SDS-plus shank DLCSKR