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Unique shank shape that unleashes the best performance.


  • The shank shape under Bosch license improves the efficiency of torque transmission for faster drilling.


  • Chipping, crushing, ditch excavation, and corner-sharpening for any structures.


Chisel width: See size table.
Overall length:
Max. drilling depth:
Applicable electric drill: See the table below.

Bosch GBH5-38D GBH5-40DE GBH7-45DE GBH11DE
Hilti TE55 TE75
Hitachi DH40MR DH50MB
Makita HR-4000C HR-5001C
Ryobi ED-400E

Bosch GSH388 GSH5E GSH11E
Makita HM/1100C HM/1202C