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Carbide tip with excellent cutting ability and durability.


  • The specially shaped carbide tips on the cutting edge provide smooth drilling in ceramic tiles etc.
  • The bit size ranges from 3.0 to 11.0mm (23 sizes in total). A wide variety of sizes in response to any needs.
  • The optimal grinding angle according to the bit size realizes the most efficient drilling.
    * The drilling ability and durability improves even further for use with water.


  • Ceramic tiles, roof tiles, marble, etc.


Bit size: o3.0mm to 11.0mm
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth:
Shank size: Same as the bit size.
Applicable electric drill: Portable electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
The bit size (diameter) is based on MIYANAGA standard.
Bit size D Part No. Overall length L Max. drilling depth l
  mm inch
3.0mm   Z030 85mm (3-3/8") 42mm (1-5/8")
  3.2mm 1/8" Z032
  3.4mm   Z034
3.5mm 9/64" Z035
  3.8mm   Z038 50mm (2")
4.0mm 5/32" Z040
4.3mm   Z043
4.5mm 11/64" Z045
4.8mm 12/64" Z048
5.0mm 3/16" Z050
  5.5mm 7/32" Z055 100mm (3-7/8") 65mm (2-9/16")
6.0mm 15/64" Z060
6.4mm   Z064
  6.5mm 1/4" Z065
  7.0mm 17/64" Z070 125mm (4-29/32") 75mm (2-7/8")
  7.2mm 9/32" Z072
  7.5mm 19/64" Z075
8.0mm 5/16" Z080
  8.5mm 21/64" Z085
  9.0mm 23/64" Z090 150mm (5-7/8") 90mm (3-1/2")
  10.0mm 3/8" Z100
  10.5mm 13/32" Z105
  11.0mm 27/64" Z110
* Use the Mistdia Drill Bit for the sizes other than the above.