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Deltagon straight shank percussion bits

The three edge has significantly improved drilling and cost efficiency.

Deltagon straight shank percussion bits


  • Excellent durability (compared to our conventional tools)
  • Improved drilling speed (compared to our conventional tools)
  • Drilling a hole close to a perfect roundness.
  • More accurate hole starting without bit walk.


  • Concrete, block, mortar, ceramic siding boards etc.
  • Drilling a pilot hole for concrete nail (o 2.5mm, o 2.8mm)


Bit diameter: Spiral type: o2.5mm to 14.5mm
Delta type: o3.0mm to 4.4mm
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth:
Applicable electric drill: Electric drills (in the percussion mode)

Precautions for use

  • Be sure to attach the "Deltagon straight shank percussion bit" to an electric drill and use it in the percussion mode. Do not use an impact drill or driver drill in the percussion mode.
  • The dust clogged around the Delta-shank type drill bit is easily removed by pulling the drill bit. Continuous drilling without removing clogged dust may cause damage to the drill bit.

Size Table