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Hard to clog. Ideal for a wide variety of works.

  • Ideal for a wide variety of works.
  • Diamond grains embedded around the circumference make it possible to cut PVC pipes etc.
  • Hard to clog.

  • Chamfering concrete, stone, etc., surfacing, cutting bumps, and eliminating difference in surface level.
  • Removing elastic films.
  • Grooving tile joints etc. during house remodeling or repair works.
  • Cutting PVC pipes, tiles, and roof tiles.
  • Preparation for repairing concrete cracks.

Outer diameter: 100mm (3-7/8")
Grain size: #30
Applicable electric drill: Electric disc grinders that support disk of o 100mm (3-7/8")

Outer diameter Part No. Diameter of attachment hole H Grain size
mm inch
100mm 3-7/8" HPD100F030E 22.2mm (7/8") #30
Packaged in blister pack cases; 5 disks per box.

Item Part No. Outer diameter
Spacer set 100 HPDSN100 100mm (3-7/8")
Spacer 100 HPDS100 100mm (3-7/8")
Vibration-proof spacer HPDBADP 100mm (3-7/8")
Nut HPDN100 100mm (3-7/8")
Use this when the protection cover hits the disk and cutting has become impossible.