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Excellent cutting performance for work materials such as steel plates, stainless steel plates, and metal pipes.

  • The carbide-tipped teeth permit drilling in work materials such as stainless steel.
  • The cutting depth can be set in consideration of safety.
  • Easy to operate with the automatic locking and manual release mechanism.
    (S-LOCK system)


  • Steel, stainless steel of up to 4mm (5/32") thickness.
  • Metal pipe, etc.
  • FRP, resin plates, etc.


Cutter size: o14mm to 65mm (o35/64" to 2-9/16")
Body length: 35mm (1-3/8")
(This holesaw can make a hole in flat plates of up to 4mm (5/32") thickness.)
Shank size: Straight shank 10mm (3/8"), SDS shank,
Hex shank for cordless drill 6.35mm (1/4")
(For cutter size of 35mm (1-3/8") or less)
Applicable electric drill: Portable electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Cutters
mm inch Part No.
14mm 35/64" SL578P014
15mm 19/32" SL578P015
16mm 5/8" SL578P016
18mm 45/64" SL578P018
19mm 3/4" SL578P019
20mm 25/32" SL578P020
21mm 13/16" SL578P021
22mm 7/8" SL578P022
23mm 29/32" SL578P023
24mm 15/16" SL578P024
25mm 1" SL578P025
26mm 1-1/64" SL578P026
27mm 1-1/16" SL578P027
28mm 1-3/32" SL578P028
29mm 1-1/8" SL578P029
30mm 1-3/16" SL578P030
32mm 1-1/4" SL578P032
33mm 1-9/32" SL578P033
34mm 1-5/16" SL578P034
35mm 1-3/8" SL578P035
38mm 1-1/2" SL578P038
40mm 1-9/16" SL578P040
42mm 1-5/8" SL578P042
45mm 1-3/4" SL578P045
50mm 2" SL578P050
53mm 2-1/16" SL578P053
65mm 2-9/16" SL578P065
* Click here for information about the shanks and center drills.