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Proper counter boring to the floor materials for flush surface.



  • Usable with Poly-Clic S shank.
    * Purchase only Counter Bore Cutter, if you already have o32 or o35 Poly-Clic shank set of
     Hybrid Core Bit, Wooding Core Bit or Galvawood Core Bit.
  • Burr-free cutting thanks to carbide tipped blade.


  • Proper counter boring to the floor materials for flush surface.


  • Diameter of counter bore: o60mm(Core cutter diameter: o32, o35)
  • Depth of counter bore: 5mm
  • Shank size: Poly-Clic S shank
  • Applicable electric drill: Portable electric drills (in the rotary-only mode)
 * Please use a suitable center drill of each Core Bit / Hybrid Core Bit,Wooding Core Bit,
   Galvawood Core Bit.
Item Part No. Cutter dia.
Max. Drilling Depth
Counter Bore Cutter PCZAG60 60 5

* Poly-Clic S Shank and Center drill are not included.
Usable with Counter Bore Cutter
Item For use in Cutter dia.
Drilling Depth
Part No.
Hybrid Core Bit(Set)
Composite, Wood, FRP,
Metal siding board,
Plastic catch basins,
Polyvinyl chloride pipe etc.
o32 50 PCH32
o35 PCH35
Galvawood Core Bit(Set)
Galvanized metal siding, Wood,
Plywood, FRP etc.
o32 130 PCGW32
o35 PCGW35
Wooding Core Bit(Set)
Metal siding board, Cermic
siding board, Artificial marble,
Wood, FRP etc.
o32 PCH32
o35 PCH35

How to use
* The same procedures when using Wooding Core Bit and Galvawood Core Bit.
Hybrid Core Bit,
Poly-Clic S shank
and Counter
Bore Cutter.
Attach Counter Bore
Cutter to
Poly-Clic S shank.
Drill a hole in the
floor materials untill
the stpper contact the
drilled material.
Diameter of
counter bore: o60mm
Depth of
counter bore: 5mm
Detach Counter Bore
Cutter and
attach Hybrid Core Bit.
Drill with Hybrid Core
Bit using a centering
hole as aguide.
Completion of a
hole for pipe work.
Completion of a proper
counter boring.