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Cutter size D Part No. Shank assembly
  35mm MBM35 (Morse taper)
  36mm MBM36
  37mm* MBM37
  38mm MBM38
  39mm* MBM39
40mm MBM40
  41mm* MBM41
  42mm MBM42
  43mm MBM43
  44mm MBM44
  45mm MBM45
  46mm* MBM46
  47mm* MBM47
  48mm MBM48
  49mm MBM49
50mm MBM50
  51mm MBM51
  52mm MBM52
53mm MBM53
  54mm MBM54
  55mm MBM55
  56mm MBM56
  57mm* MBM57
  58mm MBM58
  59mm* MBM59
60mm MBM60
61mm MBM61
62mm MBM62
  63mm* MBM63
  64mm* MBM64
65mm MBM65
66mm MBM66
  67mm* MBM67
  68mm MBM68
  69mm* MBM69
70mm MBM70
  71mm* MBM71
  72mm* MBM72
  73mm* MBM73
  74mm* MBM74
75mm MBM75
  76mm* MBM76 (Morse taper)
77mm MBM77
  78mm MBM78
  79mm* MBM79
80mm MBM80
  81mm* MBM81
  82mm MBM82
  83mm* MBM83
  84mm* MBM84
85mm MBM85
  86mm* MBM86
  87mm* MBM87
  88mm* MBM88
  89mm* MBM89
90mm MBM90
  91mm* MBM91
  92mm* MBM92
  93mm* MBM93
  94mm* MBM94
  95mm MBM95
  96mm* MBM96
  97mm* MBM97
  98mm* MBM98
  99mm* MBM99
100mm MBM100
  105mm MBM105
110mm MBM110
115mm MBM115
  120mm MBM120
  125mm MBM125
  130mm MBM130
  140mm MBM140
  150mm MBM150
(The metal borers with * marked above are produced on order.)

Item Part No. Applications
MT-4 MBMSK4 Cutters of o35mm to 75mm
MT-5 MBMSK5 Cutters of o35mm to 150mm
Note: We will prepare quotations for the metal borer of the size other than the above according to the lot ordered.