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By using the Hex shank drill bits, you can directly drill a hole without switching chucks.


  • The hexagonal shank (6.35mm (1/4")) allows the bit to be attached directly to a cordless impact driver drill with a single action.
  • The solid construction contributes to rotation with a minimum runout and excellent durability.
  • Our original carbide tip provides excellent cutting performance.
  • The blade edge is designed to cover both uses in percussion and rotary drilling so that you can use the bits immediately with your drill.


  • Concrete block, mortar, and gypsum boards.
  • Concrete (Use with a percussion drill is recommended.)


Bit size: o2.5mm to 8.5mm
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth:

Bit size D Part No. Overall length L Max. drilling depth l
  2.5mm R025 90mm 42mm
  2.8mm R028
miyanaga 3.0mm R030
miyanaga 3.2mm R032
miyanaga 3.4mm R034
miyanaga 3.5mm R035
  3.8mm R038 95mm 50mm
4.0mm R040
miyanaga 4.3mm R043
4.5mm R045
4.8mm R048
5.0mm R050
  5.3mm R053 110mm 65mm
  5.5mm R055
6.0mm R060
6.4mm R064
  6.5mm R065
  7.0mm R070 125mm 75mm
  7.5mm R075
  8.0mm R080
  8.5mm R085

Bit size D Part No. Overall length L Max. drilling depth l
3.2mm R03215 150mm 90mm
3.4mm R03415
3.5mm R03515
4.0mm R04015
4.3mm R04315
4.5mm R04515
4.8mm R04815
5.0mm R05015
5.5mm R05515
6.0mm R06015

  • Use with a cordless driver drill with a battery voltage of 9.6V or higher.