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The three edge has further improved drilling efficiency!

Deltagon bits SDS-plus


  • The carbide tip suitable for hard stone ensures drilling efficiency and durability.
  • The same characteristics as the other deltagon bits.
  • The least amount of vibration when drilling minimizes workers' fatigue.


  • Hard stone.
  • Concrete, block, mortar, stone, brick, concrete-placed deck plate, etc.


Bit diameter: o4.0mm to 20mm
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth:
Applicable electric drill: Light-weight hammer drills

The bit diameter is based on MIYANAGA standard.

Bit diameter Part No. Overall length L Max. drilling depth l
  4.0mm DLSDSG0401 116mm 50mm
4.3mm DLSDSG0431
  4.5mm DLSDSG0451
  4.8mm DLSDSG0481
5.0mm DLSDSG0501
  5.5mm DLSDSG0551
6.0mm DLSDSG0601
  4.3mm DLSDSG043 166mm 100mm
  4.5mm DLSDSG045
5.0mm DLSDSG050
  5.2mm DLSDSG052
  5.3mm DLSDSG053
  5.5mm DLSDSG055
6.0mm DLSDSG060
6.4mm DLSDSG064
6.5mm DLSDSG065
  7.0mm DLSDSG070
  7.5mm DLSDSG075
8.0mm DLSDSG080
8.5mm DLSDSG085
  9.0mm DLSDSG090
10.0mm DLSDSG100
10.5mm DLSDSG105
  11.0mm DLSDSG110
  12.0mm DLSDSG120
12.5mm DLSDSG125
12.7mm DLSDSG127
  13.0mm DLSDSG130
  14.0mm DLSDSG140
  14.3mm DLSDSG143
14.5mm DLSDSG145
  16.0mm DLSDSG160
  16.5mm DLSDSG165
  17.0mm DLSDSG170
  17.5mm DLSDSG175
18.0mm DLSDSG180
  19.0mm DLSDSG190
  20.0mm DLSDSG200

・Quantity per pack: All sizes --- 5pcs.
・The Delta-shank type has are available o4.0mm to 6.0mm (overall length: 116mm)