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Outstanding drilling efficiency trusted by many users.


  • The geometry of cutting teeth ensures large-diameter drilling with precision and at high speed.
  • High drilling efficiency recognized and designated by major local governments throughout the country.


  • Drilling a hole to attach the pipe socket on Hume pipes for sewage.


Cutter size: o120mm to 220mm (o4-3/4" to 8-21/32")
Cutter length: 150mm (5-7/8")
Shank: See size table.
Applicable electric drill: Hitachi PRT-60, Makita HR5000, Bosch GBH7DE, GBH10DC, or equivalent heavy-weight hammer drills


The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Cutters
  mm inch Part No.
  120mm 4-3/4" HY120C
170mm 6-11/16" HY170C
  220mm 8-21/32" HY220C
* Shank is optional.

Shanks   Part No.
No. 3 Makita/Hitachi Hexagonal HYSKHEX
Hitachi PRT-60 HYSKPRT
Bosch Spline Makita HR5000 HYSKSP

Center drill Part No. Overall length L
13.0mm (33/64") HYCD13 176mm (6-59/64")
* Common for each shank.

Nominal diameter of vinyl-chloride-pipe socket

Cutter size of hume pipe core bits

100mm (3-7/8") 120mm (4-3/4")
150mm (5-7/8") 170mm (6-11/16")
200mm (7-7/8") 220mm (8-21/32")