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The light-weight hammer drill bit can drill a large-diameter hole with ease.


  • Light-weight hammer drills can efficiently transmit their power to the cutting teeth, thus drilling large-diameter holes quickly.
  • Thanks to SDS shank, it can be used with various light-weight hammer drills.
  • The center pin realizes accurate hole starting without bit walk.


  • Concrete, block, brick, etc.


Cutter size: o25mm to 100mm (o1" to 3-7/8")
Cutter length: 105mm (4-1/8") (Max. drilling depth: 70mm (2-3/4"))
Applicable electric drill: Light weight hammer drills (up to 600W)

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
Cutter size D Complete sets Cutters
  mm inch Part No. Part No.
  25mm 1" 600W25 600W25C
29mm 1-1/8" 600W29 600W29C
32mm 1-1/4" 600W32 600W32C
35mm 1-3/8" 600W35 600W35C
38mm 1-1/2" 600W38 600W38C
45mm 1-3/4" 600W45 600W45C
50mm 2" 600W50 600W50C
  55mm 2-1/8" 600W55 600W55C
  60mm 2-3/8" 600W60 600W60C
65mm 2-9/16" 600W65 600W65C
  70mm 2-3/4" 600W70 600W70C
  75mm 2-7/8" 600W75 600W75C
  80mm 3-1/8" 600W80 600W80C
  90mm 3-1/2" 600W90 600W90C
  100mm 3-7/8" 600W100 600W100C

Item Overall length L Part No.
No. 601
(Cutters of o25mm to 38mm (o1" to 1-1/2"))
105mm (4-1/8") 600WSK1105
200mm (7-7/8") 600WSK1200
300mm (11-13/16") 600WSK1300
No. 602
(Cutters of o45mm to 100mm (o1-3/4" to 3-7/8"))
105mm (4-1/8") 600WSK2105
200mm (7-7/8") 600WSK2200
300mm (11-13/16") 600WSK2300

Item Part No.
No. 600
(Cutters of o 25mm (1"),
29mm (1-1/8"))
No. 601
(Cutters of o32mm to 38mm
(o1-1/4" to 1-1/2"))
No. 602
(Cutters of o45mm to 100mm
(o1-3/4" to 3-7/8"))

Shank to be used Complete sets
Overall length L
Maximum drilling capacity
No. 1 x 105 190mm (7-31/64") 130mm (5-1/8")
No. 1 x 200 285mm (11-7/32") 225mm (8-55/64")
No. 1 x 300 385mm (15-1/8") 325mm (12-51/64")
No. 2 x 105 180mm (7") 120mm (4-3/4")
No. 2 x 200 275mm (10-53/64") 215mm (8-15/32")
No. 2 x 300 375mm (14-3/4") 315mm (12-13/32")