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Company brief

In 1995, Miyanaga acquired ISO9001:1994 certification, the international quality assurance standard developed by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The primary purpose of ISO9001 standard is to ensure customers’ satisfaction at every stage of design, development, manufacturing, and sales. The Miyanaga’s basic policy and quality management system - through which we had committed ourselves to design, develop, manufacture, and sell high quality products to meet the customers’ satisfaction - was internationally recognized with the certification of ISO9001. We will continue our best efforts in pursuing high quality products for the satisfaction of customers.

Certificate No. YKA 0941883

1. Miyanaga Co., Ltd. will continuously improve the quality management system to supply high quality products for our customers’ satisfaction.
2. We will implement our quality management system to supply high quality products continuously, while complying with the international quality management system ISO9001 (ISO9001:2008) and other applicable regulatory requirements.
3. The chief of each department should make the quality policy known to everyone in the department, set quality targets and try to fulfill them, and review the progress of the implementation.
4. All the employees including me should fulfill their responsibilities according to the scope of their duties to ensure the quality of our products.
Notes) Products here means cutting tools for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic powered tools, and machine tools, fastening machines, and electric powered machines.
Revised: 25th Sep. 2009
President and Representative Director, Kiyoshi Miyanaga