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Bits for drilling in stone specially developed by our original gun drill processing.


  • Dust is removed smoothly from the hollow shaft by air blowing and therefore drilling efficiency is improved.


  • Rock, stone etc.


Bit size: o13mm to 19mm (o33/64" to 3/4")
Overall length: 250mm or 350mm (9-27/32" or 13-25/32")
Max. drilling depth: 130mm to 230mm (5-1/8" to 9-1/16")
Applicable electric drill: Air hammer drills

The actual sizes are in metric, and imperial sizes are approximate.
The bit size (diameter) is based on MIYANAGA standard.
Bit size D Part No. Overall length L Max. drilling depth l
mm inch
13.0mm 33/64" BN13035 350mm (13-25/32") 230mm (9-1/16")
16.0mm 5/8" BN16025 250mm (9-27/32") 130mm (5-1/8")
19.0mm 3/4" BN19025 250mm (9-27/32") 135mm (5-5/16")