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Promotes a clean drilling with sucking up the dust while drilling.


  • It sucks out dust when drilling in concrete and others,
    which creates a clean working environment.
  • Creates clean working environment for the operator not only
    for vertical and horizontal drilling, but even for overhead drilling.
  • The dust collecting makes smooth and fast drilling.
  • Easy to replace the bit with screw.
  • Bits over 24mm have full carbide head with 5 or 6 cutting
    edges and are very durable with one piece structure.


  • Drilling a pilot hole for installation of chemical anchor, etc.
  • Drilling a hole in concrete, etc.


Bit size: See size table.
Overall length: See size table.
Max. drilling depth: See size table.
Applicable electric drill: SDS-plus light weight rotary hammer drill
     (recommend size : up to diameter 24mm)
    Hex shank rotary hammer drill
    SDS-max rotary hammer drill